Toll Manufacturing for Acetoguanamine

Acetoguanamine Toll Manufacturing

Since 1976, Capital Resin Corporation has been a leading acetoguanamine maker, custom chemical contractor, and leader in toll manufacturing. Our state–of–the–art research and development department allows us to create new products and custom solutions for our customers. The chemical manufacturers at Capital Resin have the privilege of being the only domestic producer of triazine-based internal plasticizers for melamine resins. Acetoguanamine (CAS 542-02-9) allows for a wide range of post-formability options in modified amino resins, specifically tailored towards post-forming laminates.

We produce Acetoguanamine (CAS 542-02-9) for applications in the decorative laminates industry. The versatility of acetoguanamine is its greatest asset, as it has practical uses in a wide variety of home goods manufacturing processes. Our materials can be used to create high-quality, decorative laminated sheets for counters, tabletops, and other furniture. The post-forming process provides greater flexibility, allowing the laminate to bend. In this manner, it performs both a decorative and a functional role.

Great for use on rounded edges, post-forming laminates are durable, stain-resistant, and heat resistant.

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