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Car Plates & Chinese Numbers

Chinese Numbers & Car Plates Number Plate Mean Status Unique number plates are common and seen everywhere now; special numbers means something somehow to every individual owning them. Sometimes when we are casually driving and a car drives by with number plate “8888” we tend to mutter to ourselves “The owner must be rich because… Continue Reading

Banned Number Plates In The UK (2015)

The United Kingdom has over 23 million registered vehicles on their roads and like Malaysia they’re citizens love to use buy special registration plates for their automobiles.  While some of the number plates issued in the United Kingdom’s DVLA offer interesting combinations, there are also many potentially offensive registration plates that are banned by Britain’s Driver… Continue Reading

Vehicle Registration & Number Plate Information

Vehicle registration numbers and plates, in whatever shape and form, have a common objective in whichever part of the world you may be in. It is an inventory and security means to identify and control the existence of vehicles in any country. Usually made of plastic or metal, the number plate is required by law… Continue Reading


There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of “Hidden Gems” in the form of automotive number plates that are available in Malaysia.  NiceCarPlate.Com makes easy to sort through the thousands of readily available number plates by categorizing registration numbers into specific categories such as Golden Number Plates, VIP, Limited Edition, Outstation, and RM, Special Edition, Limited… Continue Reading


THE NORTHERN GEM Perlis, the tiniest of states in the Federation of Malaysia, is located in the northwest of the Peninsula bordered by Thailand in the north and the state of Kedah in the east and south. The Straits of Malacca meets its western shores. Also known as the northern gem, Perlis has an area… Continue Reading

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