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Q Number Plate

Finding a nice Q Number Plate Malaysia is easy, when you visit our website, as we always have a nice selection of outstation registration plate numbers from Sabah and Sarawak.

The Q number plate series represents registration plates that where originally issued for residents of the state of Sarawak.  Sarawakian plate numbers consist of two different set of letter series.  The latest number plate series begins with the letter Q.  This number plate series was introduced after Sarawak joined Malaysia in 1963.  Before 1963 the license number plate began with a KA

When Sarawak, joined Malaysia it had to amend plates that were issued in Sarawak with the letters “B”, “K”, “L”, “M”, and “S” which conflicted with several plate numbers prefixes for states in West Malaysia. The Malaysian Road Transport Department revised plate number regulations in 1988 by introducing a “Q” suffix for the then-current Sarawak plate numbers (i.e. “KE 78562 Q”).

When the SG prefix was finished, an “A” was placed in front of the Q suffix, which created the plate number format that “SG **** AQ”.

Only the SG number plate series has been completed, all the other registration plate number series where stopped at the second prefix of A (i.e. “6DA 4401 Q”).

In 1991, the Q suffix was shifted to the front of the license number

(i.e. from “PT **** Q” to “QPT ****”).

The 1988 plate format is retained for vehicles registered prior to 1991, the newer plate numbers then began from “Q* 1” onwards. Additionally, the outstanding two “xD” prefaces distributed were dropped as they were substituted by single letters.

Below is a list of Post 1991 Plate Number Prefix for Sabah & Sarawak


Registration plates of Sarawak[
QBSri Aman and BetongQMMiriQSSibu and Mukah


Registration plates of Sabah
SA, SAA-SABWest Coast
SDLahad Datu
SGSabah Government
SLLabuan (replaced)

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