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What makes a VIP Plate Number different from all the other interesting number plates found on the road in Malaysia?  Is it the price they pay, or the person behind the wheel of the VIP Number plate?  At NiceCarPlate.Com, we like to think that it’s a mix of all of the above!  Let’s take a look at some interesting VIP number plates that have made headlines and why they were called VIP numbers.

If we gauge the importance of a VIP purely on wealth and the ability to buy an expensive plate number, the Dhabi auction would be the “home” of VIP numbers as auctions for registration numbers are in the millions of dollars (USD).  Presently (as of December 2014), the world’s most expensive plate number is owned by a businessman in Abu Dhabi. He purchased the VIP number plate “1” for 52.2 dirham ($14.3 million) at a charity auction at the 7-star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. It is interesting to note that at the time of the auction their where over 700 in attendance for the famed “Emirates Auctions”.  Their last five auctions have raised more than $56 million for charity by auctioning 393 plate numbers.

If we were to gauge a VIP Plate Number on how famous the person is, we might shift our focus to the UK, which has also been the home to the world’s most expensive number plates on several occasions. For a point of reference the Queen of England has a VIP plate number that reads “A 7”.  The reason why she does not have “A 1” is very simple, as the plate numbers where offered on a first come, first serve basis. The proud owner (Earl Russell) of “A 1″ had slept outside the London City Council all night for his number.  Another celebrity number plate in the UK is “AU 1”, which appeared in James Bonds Gold finger movie, this number is also famous due to its reference in the periodic table for the element gold.  It was first registered back in 1903, in Nottingham and is now owned by Nigel Blackburn a gold bullion dealer from the UK.

A strong indication of a VIP plate number’s value is determined by its placement in the registration process.  According to Abdulla al Mannaie, managing director of Emirates Plates  Auctions the plate numbers “from 1 to 10, are the most expensive numbers, while the plates numbered between 10 and 99 and numbers that repeat like 11, 22, and 23 would be next in line for exclusiveness”.




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