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Chinese Numbers & Car Plates

Number Plate Mean Status

Unique number plates are common and seen everywhere now; special numbers means something somehow to every individual owning them. Sometimes when we are casually driving and a car drives by with number plate “8888” we tend to mutter to ourselves “The owner must be rich because there are so many 8s in it!” I’m pretty sure this is relatable to most of us. Truth be told, people has been upping their game in number plates to show symbol of success or to bring good luck in their life. It is totally subjective if you believe it or not but I’m sure YOU believe it because you’re here reading this!


Chinese Numbers

Like it or not, we are a tad bit superstitious when it comes to choosing number related matters like our phone numbers, house numbers, and of course your car’s plate numbers. Numbers superstitions are very common and much related to Chinese language as it is characterized by an abundance of homonyms (feature of words that can have many different meanings), which has resulted in some words being regarded as having positive or negative implications according to their homonymic meanings.


Chinese Numbers



In Chinese tradition, certain numbers are believed by some to be auspicious or inauspicious based on the Chinese word that the number name sounds similar to. The result is a system of superstitions which regards certain numbers as symbols of good luck or of misfortunes. A classic example of why the number “8” (Ba in Chinese) is very welcoming among Chinese people it’s because it has a similar pronunciation with Fa (Meaning wealth or fortune), and with “Fa Fa Fa Fa” in your car number plate definitely tells how prosperous you are!


Other Important Numbers

Aside from that, people also tend to choose numbers that are significant to them such as their birthdate, significant dates, anniversaries, and etc. The common one you see out there includes trends set up by private organizations where their successful top agent gets their luxury vehicle ornamented with unique numbers. “168” is definitely a hot cake among them as it symbolizes “Fortune All The Way” for the team to constantly grow to greater heights!


Story About Fours

About the tabooed number “4” (Si), it sounds like death (Si) so the number is often avoided by anyone who has the tendency to believe in superstitions. But it is a subjective matter depending on every individual’s belief as some considered the number neutral by a few; I have a friend that doesn’t even care and specifically picked the number “0404” for his new car because he was born on 4th of April.

Missing fourth floor

Building in Shanghai missing 4th floor


Your Lucky Number Plate

With that said, numbers has its significant meaning to every person choosing it. Be it lucky or momentous numbers, “8888” or “0404”. We at nicecarplate.com hope that you’d share your significant moments in choosing the best number plates for your vehicles. With more than 20 years experience, you can definitely count on us in providing you the best experience with our service! Take some time to view our Golden number plates, VIP number plates, RM Number plates and more…


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