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Recently the JPJ and SAM began operations to crackdown on number plates that were not meeting their guidelines. After reading many articles on the internet, it’s safe to say that many accessory shops may not be meeting the exact specifications set forth by the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia (JPJ)

We would like to take a look at the JPJ’s website page on Vehicle Number Plate Specifications and try to spell them out in more detail before our visitors find out after they get pulled over.

While we did cover part of the current regulations in a prior post called JPJ Serious about Number Plates back in November. Let’s take a closer look at the diagram’s found on JPJ’s website.


Vehicle Number Plate Specifications

3 types of number plates that are allowed for use

  1. White alphabets and numbers, embossed or glued on a black plate.
  2. White alphabets and numbers, embossed or glued on a red plate for vehicles belonging to embassies, the UN and the International Natural Rubber Association.
  3. Black alphabets and numbers, embossed or glued on a white plate for taxicabs and hired cars


The Examples of Vehicles Plate Measurement

JPJ Vehicle Number REgulations


JPJ Vehicle Plate Specifications


Please contact the JPJ directly for further details on the exact specifications for letter spacing and size.  The JPJ website page for Vehicle Plate Measurements can be found here JPJ Number Plate Specifications.

Please note that our website page was created to provide our visitors with news about Plate Numbers.  We recommend contacting the JPJ directly to for exact plate number specifications.


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