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For months the JPJ have been stopping motorists around KL and issuing stern warning in regards to violations for plate numbers, strobe lights, window tinting and HID headlights. Today, they will no longer be issuing warnings, instead they will be handing out citations to motorists who break the rules.

JPJ director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad told reporters that some 1,500 personnel  consisting of traffic police and the Land Public Transport Commision (SPAD) would work jointly conducting checks in major towns and cities.

“We have given motorists enough warnings not to use modified registration plates and unapproved HID headlamps. The time for compromises is over. No excuses will be entertained. Mandatory summonses will be issued,” he told The Star.

Ismail said under JPJ specifications, only three types of number plates are allowed.

Number Plate Regulations

Regular vehicles, should have white letters & numbers that are either embossed or glued on a black plate.  United Nations and International Rubber Association vehicles would be required to have white numbers embossed or glued on a red plate.

Taxis and hired cars are required to have black letters and numbers embossed or glued on a white plate.

Fines and penalties are based on a vehicle or motorcycles engine size.  For engines above 250cc, a breach of number plate rules would cost RM100 (if settled in two weeks), RM150 (if settled before a month) and RM250 (if settled more than 30 days form issuance).

HID, Strobe Light & Widow TInt Regulations

In addition to number plates, the JPJ will also be checking automobiles headlights, widow tinting and accessoriy lighting.  Any HID light that is too strong, and disrupts a drivers vision will in violation. Private vehicles are also barred from installing strobe or beacon lights as stated under Rule 24 of the 1959 Motor Vehicle Rules (Traffic), only police, JPJ, Fire and Rescue Department vehicles and ambulances are allowed to use such lights. The fine for illegal use of strobe lights and HID headlamps is RM100 (if settled within two weeks), RM150 (between two weeks and a month) and RM250 (if more than a month).

Heavily tinted automotive windshields and windows enforcement will be postponed until May 1 next year. The new regulation allow for windows and rear windscreens to be tinted up to 70% (or 30% of visible light transmission), compared with 50% currently.

Please deal directly with JPJ for exact details

for their rules and regulations.

Image from JPJ on Registration Plate Regulations.

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