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Perlis, the tiniest of states in the Federation of Malaysia, is located in the northwest of the Peninsula bordered by Thailand in the north and the state of Kedah in the east and south. The Straits of Malacca meets its western shores. Also known as the northern gem, Perlis has an area close to 821 square kilometres and has only 4 major towns to speak of. It had a population of 227,025 as at 2010. Predominantly agricultural, it was only in 2014 that saw the entry of UNIFY internet and the first and only McDonald’s outlet in the state.


Vehicle registration numbers in Perlis begin with the letter ‘R’. With very little motor vehicles in the state, it is not surprising that it takes one and a half to two years just to complete an alphabet.  In fact, Perlis is the only state now in Malaysia where only two letters of the alphabet are still available. Perhaps this pace will be accelerated in time to come when the fruits of State Government initiatives towards development, especially in housing, will be realized.


Tenders for the ‘RM’ series of registration numbers was open to the general public, in and out of Perlis, on February 23rd 2015 and closed at 12 noon on March 10th 2015. Excluded from this tender were ‘RM1’ which was reserved for the Perlis Royalty and ‘RM7’ which was claimed by the office of the Perlis Mentri Besar ( Chief Minister ).

Tenders for the earlier ‘RL’ series had brought in more than RM2.3 million and the Perlis Road Transport Department (JPJ) had anticipated confidently (and subsequently, correctly) that the tenders for the ‘RM’ series would far exceed the ‘RL’ amount collected.

This bullish sentiment was fuelled by the fact that ‘RM’ had a much stronger attraction and value to car owners as it represented an acronym for Ringgit Malaysia, the official legal tender currency of Malaysia.


At the close of tenders, the Perlis Road Transport Department or JPJ announced that an overwhelming RM7 million had been collected in bids for the RM series.

The highest winning bid was for ‘RM8’ which went for RM297,000 followed closely by ‘RM2’, ‘RM5’ and ‘RM6’ which went for RM264,000 each. ‘RM3’ for RM200,000, ‘RM9’ for RM168,190 and ‘RM99’ for RM159,000 were the other high bids.

The Malaysian record of bids still stands at RM520,000 for ‘WWW1’ in 2012 which displaced the previous record of RM300,100 for ‘MCA1’ set in 2010.

Previous high bids for Perlis numbers were ‘RJ8’ and ‘RH8’ which went for RM59,000 and RM89,000 respectively.



The Road Transport Department or JPJ categories numbers for bidding as follows :-

These are single digit numbers from ‘1’ to ‘10’. Depending on the State or Federal Territory, one or more of these numbers can be excluded from the tender exercise if there is legislation to have these reserved for VVIPs such as Royalty, Heads of State Governments or Federal Government.

For those numbers that are available for bidding, the minimum price is RM10,000.

  • Interesting Numbers

These are two, three or four digit numbers  that are ‘interesting’. Examples are ‘11’, ‘111’ and ‘1111’ or ‘99’, ‘999’ and ‘9999’ and so forth. It will be ‘interesting’ to note also that the ‘44’, ‘444’ and ‘4444’ combination is not in this category as the number is known to represent bad or fatal luck to the Chinese at least.

The minimum bid price for this category is RM2,000.

  • Popular Numbers

These are two, three or four digit numbers (incorporating a double pair) which are not among the numbers in the above two categories. Examples  are ‘20’, ‘21’, ‘100’, ‘200’, ‘1133’, ‘1331’, ‘9669’, ‘6699’ and so forth.

The bid price for this category is a minimum RM300.

  • Current Running Numbers

These will comprise any number that you wish which are  not in the above categories. The price  is RM200.  Take a look at our list of great RM number plates.

For more info and details, please visit the JPJ website jpj.gov.my

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