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Wilayah Number Plates

Looking for a nice Wilayah number plate?  We have a great selection of Wilayah number plates to choose from and offer fast, VIP service to all of our clients.  A Wilayah number plate WA is one of the latest plate number for cars registered in the Wilayah Persekutan Kuala Lumper district. The most sought after number plates for this series is the WA plate numbers as the A is the first letter of the alphabet. Once the A series reaches WA 9999 the plate numbers will then begin with a WB, followed by a WC  all the way to WZ 9999.  Then the Wilayah number plate series will roll over into WAA, which will take some time to occur. If you’re buying a new car now, and want a nice number plate we would recommend that you but a WA series Wilayah number plate.

It is interesting to note that the first Wilayah number plate was issued back in 1974, with the first Wilayah number plate W 1 being issued to Datuk William Chong from HICOM according to comments from the website zerotohundred.com he purchased the plate number for RM200k back in 1974.  Receintly in 2012 the plate number WWW 1 was sold to the Sulatn of Johor for a sum of RM520k, which was 200k more that the prior most expensive plate Malaysian plate number MCA 1 which sold for RM300k in 2010.

To put the three differnt plates in persective, gold (AU) was selling for 154 USD in 1974, 1,224 USD in 2010 and 1,700 USD in 2012.  Using our Gold analysis to determine which plate cost the most “gold” at the time of purchase.  We calulated the following  (200k/154) = 1,298.7 oz  (300K/1,224) = 245.0 oz   (520k/1,700) = 305.9 oz. which places the W 1 as the most expensive plate of all time in Malaysia.  The next in line would be the WWW 1 plate followed by the MCA 1 plate.  If you would like to learn more alout Golden number plates or VIP Number plates read our Number Plates news page

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